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Vocational Centre for International Development

A place where professionals are raised for Excellence

VCID works to identify future challenges in Vocational Education and Training (VET), stimulate innovation in national and international vocational systems, and develop new, practice-oriented solutions for both initial and continuing vocational education and training needs.

What We Can Do For You

VCID presents you with a wide scope of services for quality Vocational Training and Education .

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Baseline Surveys

apply tools used in development programmes, such as participatory assessments and KAP surveys, which rely on qualitative exploration…..

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Evaluation Studies

Offers a unique course of study to those seeking to inform the decision-making process in a variety of fields, such as education, business, and the social services.

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Past Consultancies

The Institute is actively engaged in consultancy and has undertaken several prestigious studies on behalf other well recognized organizations around the continents.

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Strategic Plan Development

The way that a strategic plan is developed depends on the nature of the organization’s leadership, culture of the organization….

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Project/Programme Development

This includes the process and the facility of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling the resources to accomplish specific goals…..

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Our course catalogue is divided into three components: 12-month diploma program in various fields, 3-6 -month Professional certificate courses and 3 – 5 days of seminar-based trainings.


VCID Diploma programmes are robust, practical and results-driven. We offer a wide array of specialized Diploma programmes in the following areas:


VCID also offer certificate programmes but our certificate programmes are divided into two types: TVET and Project Management Certificate Programmes.


Get professional training with issued certification in areas such as  Project Planning and Management and more.

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Fully accredited to ensure we provide the highest possible standards in learning

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