Carpentry and Joinery Technology


Construction is the largest industry in terms of investment and manpower expended. Carpenters make up the largest trade group in the construction industry. They erect the wood framework in buildings; they install wood paneling, cabinets, door and window frames, and hardware; and they build stairs and frame roofs. Carpenters work under a wide variety of conditions, indoors and out, in all types of weather. They use many different hand and power tools working with wood, concrete, metals, plastics, and other construction materials.

Good work habits, mechanical aptitude, and strong communication and math skills are necessary to become a successful carpenter. Carpenters must be able to climb, lift, carry, measure, calculate, and plan their work. They often work at considerable heights.

Programme approach

In the course of this programme, students are expected in their first year to go to an off campus site during some classes. The cost of transportation and off site charges is included in the tuition to facilitate the running of the programme. In the second year, students also take some courses off the campus and participate in building a residential structure from the initial site layout through all the construction phases to the final finish works.

Programme outcome

In this program, you’ll examine the principles, techniques and regulations of the building and construction industry for all types of buildings. At the end of the course, students would have gained practical knowledge and skills as well as become competent in:

  • The use of hand and portable power tools used by carpenters in the construction
  • Working with wood, plastics, concrete, metals, gypsum, and various fiber composite products used by carpenters in the construction industry.
  • The procedures used by carpenters in framing layout, stair construction, wood and steel framing, and installation of doors, windows, and cabinets.
  • In forming systems and types of scaffold used in concrete
  • Graduates will be familiar with and have practiced job site safety requirements.
  • In operating instruments and demonstrate procedures used in building layout.
  • The display of effective work habits deemed necessary by employers.
  • Graduates will be prepared for entry level employment as carpenters and admission to the Carpenters Apprentice Training Program.

Career Opportunities

The programme prepares students for employment in the construction industry. Completing the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) gives you a stronger chance of gaining employment in the building industry. Career opportunities include roles in the following areas:

Estimating (estimators, plan examiners, and schedulers)
Building construction, supervision and management (superintendents, project managers, and assistant, building inspectors)
Contracts administration.

Course fee and Funding

The full course fee for the complete Diploma Programme is 500,000 FCFA

  • All Cameroonians and Permanent Residents aged 21 years and above and are categorized as vulnerable children can enjoy course fee reduction of up to 20% of the course fee.
  • Cameroonians or Permanent Resident employees fully sponsored by SMEs can enjoy course fee funding support of up to 30% of the course fee under the Enhanced Training Support Programme (ETP) scheme, subject to eligibility criteria and availability of funds.
  • Cameroonians aged 40 years and above can enjoy course fee funding of up to 50% of the course fee under the Skills For Future Programme (SFP), subject to availability of funds.
  • Cameroonians aged 35 years and above with earnings not more than 100,000 per month can enjoy course fee funding for 25% of the course fee under the Workfare Training Support Programme (WTSP) scheme based on availability of funds.
  • Cameroonians aged 25 years old and above are eligible for Skills Future Credit which can be used to offset course fees.


Course Sequence

CARP 1410 Project Estimating

CARP 1420 Construction Blueprint Reading

CARP 1430 Intro to Carpentry & Hand Tools

CARP 1510 Intermediate Carpentry

CARP 1521 Building Technology

CARP 1522 Power Tool and Shop Procedures

MATH 1411 Applied Mathematics

CARP 2410 Advanced Carpentry

CARP 2421 Fieldwork and Carpentry Procedures

CARP 2422 Carpentry Concrete Technology and Installation

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