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Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are frequently asked questions about VCID and related services, answers are provided as well if not satisfied with our answers, send us a message using the form provided.

VCID means Vocational Centre for International Development

You can apply to our programs on the following grounds:

  • Competed secondary school for Diploma Programmes.
  • Apprenticeship certificate for school leavers. (Certificate does not have to be relevant to the study you apply to.)
  • Readiness to sit for the VCID internal entrance exams

An application form must be submitted for the VCID programmes. Distant applicants must complete the application online, while application forms can be obtained at the VCID general secretariat at Tobin, Kumbo. The applicant must also submit a motivational letter (at least 40 words) and upload or submit the required documentation.



It is preferable to submit your application as early as possible, as several studies fill up quickly. VCID has two intakes (January and September) for Diploma programmes; Four intakes (January, April, July and October) for certificate courses and regular entries for our IT and workshop-based programmes. Your application must be submitted at least two weeks before the effective start of the programme. Consult the admissions officer at the VCID Secretariat for specific deadlines for the programmes of your interest.

Applicants must complete a mandatory conversation with a teacher or advisory on campus or by telephone. The purpose of this is to ensure that the applicant has sufficient knowledge to be successful in the program, while we ensure that the individual applicant is well informed about the program if they are accepted to attend. Applicants will be contacted by telephone or e-mail shortly after the application is registered. All applicants are notified by email or telephone on the outcome of their application.

Yes. Students are obliged to acknowledge and understand the content as soon as they receive their offer letters. This will also serve as a study contract, automatically be signed when you accept the offer of a place. In accepting the offer, you agree to the content of the study contract.

Yes. VCID is currently registered with the International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA) and looks forward to many other professional platforms that can help make trainees internationally competitive.

Yes. VCID is officially authorized by the Cameroon Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training (Order No. 382/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/SACD of 25 AUGUST 2017 as a Private Intensive Vocational Training Centre).

TVET stands for Technical Vocational Education and Training

Yes. VCID enjoys a partnership agreement with the Bamenda University of Science and Technology (BUST) for the continuity of into various programmes in which we have cooperative agreements. We also envisage signing up partnership agreements with the University Of Bamenda College Of Technology for the academic progression of trainees from our distinctive TVET programmes.

Yes. This will attrack additional cost though at a discounted rate. If interested, please contact the finance administrator for details.

There are currently no scholarship opportunities but we envisage soliciting funds to match fund studies for the very vulnerable applicants.

Yes. We have signed up placement agreements with practicing agencies that align with our core areas of specializations. Though we are ourselves gearing up for industrial training, we still desire the exposure of our trainees to diverse industrial and professional practices.

The chances are very high though this is not central to our modus operandi. We train people for self-reliance. Our programmes are meant to deliver job creators and potential employers.

Though we accept bank transfers, we are also very flexible to accept payments using our mobile money account or you can also send us your registration and tuition fee using any of the money transfer agencies like Express Union, Express Exchange and Emi Money.

Our IT and other project management courses are offered at Gobata Building, Tobin, towards Njavnyuy Park and Caritas Building, Bishop’s Hill. For all TVET programmes, we are operational at our main site located at Nkar, Jakiri Sub Division. Contact in case you have difficulties locating us.

In due course, VCID intends to provide hostels of residence for the students. However, presently, the Deputy Director for Students’ Affairs is making arrangements to facilitate access to accommodation for students who manifest interest. Such students must express their need for accommodation at registration. Students under this scheme will pay their rents through VCID.

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