Past Consultancies

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A – Strategic Plan Development

VCID in the past has been very instrumental in offering this service to a number of development agencies and religious bodies. Some of them include:

  • Justice and Peace Commission, Diocese of Kumbo;
  • Sisters of St Therese of the Holy Child Jesus, Sabongari;
  • Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus
  • Chalice Kongadzem, Diocese of Kumbo

B- Baseline Survey

We have successfully conducted baselines for the following agencies:

  • Caritas Village Water Supply Scheme
  • Diocesan Family Life Office Programme on HIV/AIDS

C-Evaluation Studies

Our evaluation experience spans from small scale projects to large and complex projects and programmes. In the past, we have successfully evaluated the following projects and programmes:

  • Final evaluation of Village pipe borne water supply program and accompanying rural population in the Diocese of Kumbo on water system Management and Water safety measures funded by the Diocese of Limburg in Germany and Misereor
  • Final evaluation of the Diocesan Family Life support for the continuation of the HIV/AIDS Pastoral Programme of the Diocese of Kumbo stretched from July 2014 – June 2017 funded by a Cooperative Agreement between the Kindermissionswerk, Missio aachen, Diocese of Limburg and the Diocese of Kumbo.

D- Capacity building

We have excelled in this domain in the distant past and we remain veritable capacity building partners to many development agencies. We have satisfactorily animated workshops for the following clients:

  • German International Co-operation Programme for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (Training the Park staff on Leadership, strategic planning and organizational governance)
  • Nascent Solutions Inc (Training library managers on Library management and administration)
  • Caritas Kumbo (Training Water Management Committees)
  • Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance (Training CDVTA staff on SPSS and impact assessment)
  • Sustainable Integrated Balanced Development on organizational and value chain development for dairy farmers
  • Capacity development of credit unions on Institutional planning and governance, organized and sponsored by Self-reliant Cooperative Credit Union
  • Training of Kumba Chapter of Credit Unions on Loan Portfolio Management and Minimizing Loan Delinquency

Project/Programme Development

The following projects developed by VCID have been successfully funded:

  • Forth phase of village pipe borne water supply programme and accompanying rural populations on water systems management and water safety measures 2017 – 2020 in the Diocese of Kumbo
  • DFLO Pastoral Community-Based HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support Programme 2017 – 2020

Other Services

We equally offer other professional first class services such as the follow. (Click on each to find out more)

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